Cutting Garden #2   Poinsettia                            

              29" x 26" x 2"                 

Cutting garden  # 1         42" x 16" x 3"                      

Cutting Garden # 3          25"x 16" x  3"  


Cutting Garden  # 4          26.5" x8.5" x 2.5"  


Drift  #1                              24" x 20" x 5"  

Drift #2                              24" x 26" x  3"


"It's like going into a room of work by Rose SSelavy, Marcel Duchamp'sAlter-ego; the ready-made  made playfully, yet with intelligence and meaning. This smiling Wood has left  me  assured  that making art can be fun and  viewing art can be joyful."   (Excerpt from a review by Pat Horner,art critic)                         

 All the images are found object assemblages relying on shapes, texture, color, light, and visual movement to become the works  of art that you see.                                

​​These pieces have been spectaoular wherever they have been in a gallery setting or in the studio.           


"Greenpiece"        38" x 42" x 8"          


"Attics of My Mind       28" diameter, 14" deep


"Cellars of My Mind"            25" diameter , 12" deep    

"Black Mask"                14" x 12" x 12"           

"Silver Apple"               24"diameter, 9" deep                         


 "Web # 2"                        18" diameter, 4" deep                


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Wall Hanging Sculpture

Fay Wood Studio - a fine art site showing contemporary sculpture, painting, and drawing,created by Fay Wood, an award - winning artist with an extensive exhibition history in the U.S.A. and in Europe.      email.....   INFO@FAYWOODSTUDIO.COM

​"Flying Fox"        Found objects, vintage objects, Hand carving     20" x 26" x 10"

Fay Wood Studio

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We can also help you to create your own assemblage using materials you have collected and aren't sure  how to present them.......come to a Workshop and learn about Found ObjectAssemblage!                                                                                                                                   "at the Magnolia on Market"