"Cityscape of mMy Mind"             Three parts -              each  60" x 18"                  Wool                       

"Tapestries of My Mind - SIG"           21.5" x 9.75" x 4"

mixed media                                                   

"Myra's Mind"                                           67" x 29"


"Red Emma"                                                15.5" x 11" x 1.5" mixed media                                                         

"Storm #1 "                                           53" x 33" x 2"

mixed media                                                              

Prices do not include shipping, handling, insurance, or sales taxes .     Copyright owned by the artist

In 2012 I began a series of successful workshops in Found Object Assemblage  and recently   began to offer  a   TAPESTRY with FOUND OBJECTS  WORKSHOP  ....designing small artworks in needlepoint and embroidery and adding your own objects as you go.

                            "arrange  whatever pieces come your way"....Virginia Woolf

Ask how to reserve a space in a workshop ...Gift cards available



   CONTEMPORARY          TAPESTRIES                 

      At an auction of Tapestries held by Christie's recently,the feeling was that tapestries are the new, exciting trend....they are colorful,textural,portable, artist-designed & hand-made....highly collectable......for gift-giving or to add to your collection.   



Fay Wood Studio

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 These examples of Fay Wood's needlework will be lovely additions to anyone's collection; more are available at the studio, as are workshops to learn methods that will lead you to create your own heirloom.                                                                   We have payment plans and return plans in place - PayPal is available.                                                                            For information about the Tapestries or the workshops,   email......         info@faywoodstudio.com                                                

"Storm# 1"

"Red Emma"

"Tapestry of My Mind - SIG"