-       There will be nine of my works showing at EMERGE  GALLERY in Saugerties,  NY from April  7 until the  end of April, 2017 , an International Sculpture exhibition  at  EMERGE Gallery as well as other places in the village.

    -       Also...."OFF THE WALLS: From Junk to Art"  April 22 - May 27    will be showing my work "AFTERTASTE"​   in a group exhibition ....GCCA Gallery, 398 Main Street, Catskill N.Y.

EVENTS :  Now & Future


www.sculpture.org            International Sculpture Center    - Fay Wood (Professional level)

www.nationalsculpture.org          Nationsl Sculpture Society

www.ulster artistson line.com         Woodstock Artists  Assn.                            

"Tapestries of My Mind- SIG"     


          Encourage your family & friends  to collect  & preserve the excellent artwork being done by artists in your region - it will enrich their homes, their minds and their lives.    Become a supporter of your local artist community; if you already buy art from local artists, our thanks go out to you. 

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Here is the "go -to" source for creatives...- www.arttimesjournal.cmo and

for a terrific profile about Fay Wood written by Raymond J. Steiner-  http://www.arttimesjournal.com/Fay _Wood_608/Fay_Woodht


 Email.......info@faywoodstudio.com      (please give a specific subject in your               email so we will reply promptly)                 Studio...... 123 Market Street                                         Saugerties,N.y.                                          Phone...... 845 - 246 - 7504                            

          ​Register now.....Spring workshops are available for you and your friends at the Fay Wood Studio.............                info@ faywoodstudio.com

​  Payment, PayPal, plans are available                                                                                          

Fay Wood Studio      Contemporary Sculpture - Fine Art 

​"Four Seasons"             22" X 80"

        Located in the charming village of Saugerties, N.Y. in the Hudson River Valley, the Fay Wood Studio, a working studio filled with delightful and unusual unique pieces of prize-winning art from Wood's portfolios, is dedicated to creating fine sculpture, paintings,and works on paper and is one of the many reasons for visiting the village.                            With views of the Catskill Mountains, and bordered by the Hudson River, hiking, antiqueing, shopping, "HITS" horse shows, The Saugerties Studio Tour, the Garlic Festival and the many fine restaurants and inns we have, your stay will be memorable.                                                                                                Register for one of our workshops, or come to our fine art studio / gallery and add to your collection of artworks, and then spend the rest of your time enjoying the many attractions the town has to offer.