​"Aftertaste"    metal, paint, found objects, found rag Paper, beeswax      39" x 16" x 16"  

'Mother & Child"   hand-carved cherry wood   17" x 10" x !0"

Hand, Apple, Snake = EVE         Found object sculpture        31" x 12" x 14"

​"Flight into Egypt"    hand-carved willow wood    26" x 21" x 9"

"Matriarch"       Found object assemblage        21" x 17" x 17" 

​"Muse"       Found objects, found mahogany, ivory, brass   52" x 12' diameter

"Mantis"      found objects, wood , paint copper tubing                      60" x 16" x 18"

                 Fay Wood Studio       ONLINE  FINE ART GALLERY   Sculpture & Found Object  Assemblage


"Pursuit of Happiness"    found objects,wood, paper,metal,beeswax  40" x 48" x30"                                                                           

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​  All copyrights owned by he artist                                                     



found objects, wire, paint 57" x 33" x37"  


Wood has participated in many solo, group and invitational exhibitions in the U.S.A., Florence, Italy,(Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea). Her sculpture "Chanticleer" won the Proskauer Prize at the National Sculpture Society, & traveled with the other winners tobe shown at Brookgreen Gardens, So. Carolina. She is presently showing her work at her studio and with EMERGE GALLERY, Saugerties, N.Y>                                                                              


Unlike the "post-studio" techniques of recent artists, Fay Wood uses a meticulous process-oriented approach to hr work.  With a variety of materials -  Found metal,found wood, wire, paper, Paint ,glue, beeswax, and vintage collectibles,  - and a willingness to work by hand, Wood gives a new life to these materials by transforming them into fine art, often with a liveliness and a sense of humor.                            

Art gallery........Contemporary Sculpture  -  Wood, metal ,wire

​                                Free-Standing

"Dragonfly"    Found objects, metal, wire, vintage stocking stretchers, vintage nodel propeller, vintage Barbells      40" length, 44" wingspan

"Pope Joan"    Found wood objects, jewelry, Gold leaf, copper repoussee  36" x 15.5" x 16"

The Studio is planning a "SILENT AUCTION"  of selected work for the month of November to help with your holiday shopping. Place a bid on your choice for a gift of art for an art lover or yourself......... Details  on the contact page.

​"0verachiever"     Found wood, aluminum base,  hand-carved walnut

"​Family"   carved cherry wood           17" x 7" x 9"

Original Wood Carvings by Fay Wood

    "Studies in Rust - Boy & Joy​"                      found  metal, wire, paint

​'Waiting"     Hand-carved cherry wood, found objects     21" x 18" x 21"