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Here are a few of the contemporary paintings using the Reverse technique devised by Fay Wood in her Studio that will fit beautifully into either  antique or modern settings.

​"Web # 1          18" x 16" x 3" 

"Highways of My Mind"           12.5" x 9.5" 

"Contralto"                      10" x 8"

"Shep in the Meadow"         8.25" x 9.75"                 .

"July Garden"                17" x 16"  

"Division Line"           11.5" x 15"                                 

"Yellow Road"                 39.5 " x 17.5"                        

"Evil Child"                                             $275.00

"Autumn Song"                                      $725.00

"Blue Bird"                                              $400.00 ​

​All paintings are framed                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

" at the Magnolia on Market"

Reverse Oil Painting on Glass  - This is a technique learned by Fay Wood while assisting her mother , an artist who owned a studio for the restoration and/or replacement of antique reverse paintings.  Wood now uses this technique  to create small and nedium sized abstract  works that have a jewel-like glow​​​ through the glass. These are truly small gems.        

​Fay Wood Studio​