Artist's Statement

    Art using found objects has attracted me since about 1965, when I was living in the San Francisco Bay area and saw  the large sculptures made by local artists from found objects lying on the edges of San Francisco Bay. They were fantastic,noisy, beautiful works with a great sense of humor and form......I've never forgotten them.

      Making a few of my own pieces in the 1970's and, in 1992, when I had a permanent studio in a church in Saugerties, N.Y.,  and beginning to combine objects with the cherry wood carvings I had been doing -  I began to develop a technique that worked for me, and I have never stopped.

     I favor wood objects, but have made a series using metal, and have found pleasure in layering found rag paper over metal and wire armatures and adding interesting bits and pieces to the mix, and using  paint and beeswax to finish.

     I am a traditionalist in that I like to make works that have permanence and are unique......I follow a quote by Virginia Woolf... "Arrange whatever pieces come your way"

                       Fay Wood

                      Fay Wood Studio 


​General Information                for the                 ​Fay Wood Studio

                   PORTFOLIOS - 2017

I have, over several years, developed several portfolios of art work:


1-  Works on paper & board; drawing, using pencil, colored pencil, watercolor , pen & inks, incising on claybord black, and a new (2016) series of collages using vintage materials and found objects with drawing.

2-   Painting; oil painting on canvas, and reverse oil painting on glass.

3-   Sculpture , both free-standing and wall-hung, using many techniques - wood carving, found object assemblage, mixed mediums with layered paper, and a combination of these.

​4-   Tapestry with found objects; fiber art using embroidery, hooking, crochet, knitting,and needlepoint with the addition of found materials.

          I've been adding new work to these categories each year.  

                              REASONS FOR THE COST OF ART.........SCULPTURE                                                                                

           Owning sculpture can add many years of pleasure and delight to your life. When you consider the talent, effort, and imagination that is involved in  the creation of a piece of sculpture that you enjoy, you will understand how the price is calculated.

​            The sculptor must work in a space that will accomodate the expensive tools, safety equipment,and the materials needed to make the work intended.  This also requires utilities, insurance and cost of space.

             Sculptors try to use the highest quality materials for their work; even "found object" materials must be selected and are time-consuming to acquire. Three dimensional work, from the first idea to the completion of the piece, takes hours of design, engineering, fabrication and finishing - sculptors care deeply about their work and committed artists spend many hours working out the details and final look of the work. A sculptor has to consider each of the four sides of the work as well as the shadow it will cast to have a successful piece...a painting only shows one face to the world.

              Sculptors must build a body of work; they rarely sell all the work they have. Unlike a painter, who can reuse canvases, a sculptor can't easily reuse the materials in a finished piece. Sculptors have to make  some work on speculation , to fill a portfolio to show to collectors, gallery owners, people interested in commissioning work from the sculptor.  If  a gallery chooses to represent a sculptor, 30% - 60% is added to the cost of the work. The investment is large.

              Most sculptors have to teach or rely on other sources of income in order to continue to create sculpture. Sculpture doesn't just happen. When you are looking at a work of sculpture, you may not be aware of all the layers of cost. Please remember - to create  a particular work of art, a highly talented  and imaginative professional artist has spent many years of study and practice to build the excellent work you are admiring.


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