Fine Art PAINTINGS......Animals in pen & ink, watercolor, oil on canvas  -




​The Fishcreek Cats & Friends

  ​Fay Wood Studio

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First, Amazing  Grace came to live with us -  our former church was over run with mice.They found new homes in a very short time.  Gabriel came next - a beautiful Siamese kitten who lived with us all for over twenty wonderful years. Then, Bill arrived - a battered stray who found his way into our garden and stayed - to become my favorite model. Grendel came next.....our very funny Pitbull/Jack Russel mix who did what the cats told her to do. These are the models for the series of ink drawings, watercolors and oil paintings you see before you.  I have yet to draw the latest addition to our family....a jet black energetic cat who had a Siamese mother- her name is Kitty. 




"at the Magnolia on Market"

  A- Line drawing # 4-------  ink                      B- Group of Three-------watercolor                 C- Bill with an Itch-----ink

 D- Gabriel----watercolor on claybord

 E-Up to no good--------ink

 F-Gabriel as a kitten-----ink wash

 G- Fishcreek Cats------oil on canvas

 H- Grace & Gabriel-----oil on canvas

 I- Amazing Grace ------watercolor

 J- Bill --------watercolor

 K- Gabriel & friend----watercolor

 L- Grendel-------oil on canvas

 M- Catmap # 2------watercolor

 N- Catmap # 1 ------watercolor

 O- Karate Bill------watercolor

​all work copyright by the artist