"Sculpture for a Democrat"  (How to cook a Rogue Elephant) Found Book, ,found objects, bone, paint, beeswax                       17.5 " x 16" x  13"                                                               

Oil painting on Canvas 

"Snow Chimes"                                    

​Fay Wood Studio

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To contact the studio.......     info@faywoodstudio.com  or phone   845 - 246 - 7504   10am -5pm est                

Fay Wood Studio - Contemporary Sculpture                                     &

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  Fay Wood is a member of the International Sculpture Society, the National Sculpture Society, ( winning the Proskauer prize), the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts,

 and has an extensive exhibition history in the U.S.A.,

Italy ,and Germany.                                                               

    Fay Wood's work has been called "intensive, spirited, Far-sighted, startling, ingeniously whimsical" by Raymond J. Steiner (profile-arttimesjournal.com)  For a number of years, people in the U.S. and germany have been collecting her work.    (See COLLECTIONS  page)   


  We offer WORKSHOPS in FOUND OBJECT ASSEMBLAGE, FOUND PAPER/FOUND OBJECTS, WIRE SCULPTURE, TAPESTRY with FOUND OBJECTS, and private instruction                                                                                                                             


                We welcome you to Fay Wood's new studio.... Having moved from the lovely Clove Church Studio and views of the Catskill Mountains, We now live and work in the village of Saugerties in the Hudson River Valley of New York State.                         

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Claybord Black  Drawings    


Found Object Assemblage  -

​Reverse Oil Painting On Glass

"at the Magnolia on Market"

​     An award-winning Fine Sculptor & Painter